A Look in the Eye = Connection

All we need to do is look at people. When you meet another person’s eyes, there’s an instant connection. Whether or not that connection affects us is up to us. However, sometimes other circumstances make that connection affect us whether we like it or not.

Today was one of those days. I didn’t sleep well last night (note to self: do not have long, curve ball-type conversations right before bed), I could’ve slept in an extra half hour, and work was hugely uneventful. However, I did my best to smile to all that passed my desk and chat animatedly, and finally, I was free at 5:00pm… well, not quite…

Because I still had a meeting to go to and pick up my script before I could go home. BAH! Would this day never end?

I made my way down the pedway that connects my work to the mall in order to get some supper. On the way, a lady was playing the guitar and singing, trying to make some extra cash with her art. This walkway, in fact, always has people singing or playing some sort of instrument. I often wonder if they have some sort of schedule. They must; there are a lot of them.

But I’ve seen this lady before. By the time I was walking back, she wasn’t playing anymore; she instead was looking at the people passing by without so much as giving her a glance. Because I try my best to support art wherever it’s being shared, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the twooney that was there. I dropped it into her case and then I looked up at her and said, “Thank you.” She just kind of giggled. And as I walked away, I choked up.

Now, maybe my reaction had something to do with all the other stuff going on in my head and the fact that I was tired, but maybe not. Little things like that tend to get me welled up. Why? Well, because I guess at that moment I allowed myself to say exactly what I was thinking in this moment to a stranger and let them know that their gift is important and that I appreciate not only their gift, but their courage in sharing it with others, even though so many people will just pass them by. That’s huge for me.

So, here I sit, and I wonder, what will I remember about this day? I could remember how anxious and jumpy I felt all day, how bored I was at work, how I didn’t feel at peace; or I could choose to remember that in the midst of all the crap, there was one moment where all it took to connect to someone was a simple look in the eye and a thank you. And maybe then, the day wasn’t as bad as it seemed; it was quite nice, in fact.


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One response to “A Look in the Eye = Connection

  1. Alan

    T’is true that what you see in a person’s eyes can revel so much about them.

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