Somehow, Someday

How do you know if you’re every going to make it? I mean really make it? And when I say make it, I mean do what you love your entire life and still be able to support yourself? It’s one thing if your dream is to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or even a teacher. But what about being a performer? I guess in order to make it, you really need to want it. And I don’t know if I want it enough.

I love theatre. Every time I watch a show, I can guarantee I will find someplace to cry because I’m touched so much, because I want to be up there doing what those performers do. But I don’t know if I have the drive to really live that way. To live paycheck to paycheck. I mean, I guess I’m basically doing that now, but working at a theatre is different than working in it.

Can I really work in theatre? I really can’t answer that question. Why? Because I still don’t know who I am. How can I know what I’m supposed to do if I don’t know myself yet? I want to work in theatre, but does theatre want to work with me? I have a lot of different views than many of my theatre friends and I’m not sure I completely belong in that world.

But if I don’t try, how can I know? How can any of us know if we can be that doctor, lawyer, or teacher unless we try? No. I take that back. How can we know unless we do it? And I must do it. So, I will. I don’t know when, but I will. Let this be my promise: I will work in theatre. Somehow. And it will be through something that I care a lot about, even if I am ahead of my time.

Joyanne 😀




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2 responses to “Somehow, Someday

  1. Shirley

    You can do it Joyanne! Everyone moves at their own pace so even if it doesn’t seem like you’re quite there yet, remember that what you are doing is bringing you closer to your goal. And part of finding out who you are is taking the time to try new things to understand yourself better. The fact that you already know what you’re passionate about means you’re further ahead than a lot of people. 🙂

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