Half-Way Point Check-In

I cannot believe it is already July 1 (Happy Canada Day to all those celebrating)! Wow, I feel like so much has happened in the past 6 months and yet as if nothing has really changed either. Quite a paradox, isn’t it? Well, isn’t life just one big paradox? Think about this: we are all living, but yet we are all dying at the same time. Actually… don’t think about that. Think about… adorable baby animals (of which you can see multitudes on Cute Rouelette)!

But seriously, I was thinking about how I’ve been blogging for the past six months and I was curious to see how my resolutions are standing up at the halfway point of 2012. For those that may need a refresher, here’s the link to the resolutions.

Well, I can definitely say that the exercising when I least want to has not been working very well, nor the making eye contact with people (actually, I forgot I had that resolution). And I haven’t been blogging as much as I want to (mostly because I constantly have a lack of things to say, but maybe I just need to buck up and write anything that comes to mind). However, I believe I have been taking a few risks: I randomly auditioned for the opera chorus and made it (insert crowd going wild)! I also decided to book myself a trip to NYC this August, so stay tuned to posts about my experiences there. As for embracing changes and doing what is necessary, well, those are quite difficult as well. I think with regards to embracing changes, I am aware of changes but haven’t quite embraced them yet (but awareness is a step in the right direction). Some things that were necessary have been done (such as taking a step back from older friends that I don’t feel as much of a kinship with anymore), but there are more that are upcoming and we will see how they pan out.

So, my verdict on the half-way point check-in… I’ve still got a long way to go. But I sense that if I just keep reminding myself of my resolutions, I’ll find a way to fulfill them.

And now, off I go. Fireworks are starting.


Joyanne 😀


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