Feeling Stupid and Embracing Your Inner Child

Why is it that when one needs help and wants it, but at the same time wants to prove something and doesn’t use it, one feels like an idiot when help is watching said proceedings? But, then again, aforementioned help did stand by and end up being a kind of reassurance when things went right. So, I guess that’s all well and good. But it doesn’t stop one from feeling like an idiot for then trying to save face by then accusing help of not helping when one refuses the help one asks for. Damn it all.
Don’t you just hate it when you feel like an idiot? The result of trying to impress (and, yes, I guess I can admit to trying to impress… how sad is that?) will usually be stupidity. And the thing is, these kind of situations probably don’t even matter in the grand scheme of things we call Life, yet we obssess and go over the moment time and time again, reliving that sheer humiliation that probably isn’t on anyone else’s radar!
How ridiculous are we as human beings? We think every little thing matters, when the truth is that we remember very little of our lives in any case. It’s stupid!
You know, I take back my statement about human beings being ridiculous: it’s adults that are ridiculous. You really don’t see children obssessing over every minute detail of their lives. Children just live life and love to have a good time. They may get their feelings hurt or feel embarrassed, but soon another emotion will become dominant and all will be forgotten (or, if not forgotten, at least moved to a less prominent place in the brain). Adults are the ones who obssess and worry and work so hard to keep on top of everything, and for what? For money, for prestige, for God-knows-what-else. I look around at my friends and other adults I know, and I see the hard work everyone puts in to ‘make something’ of their lives. But where’s the fun? And I don’t mean ‘going out to the bar, getting drunk, and scoring’ type of fun. I mean silly type of fun, using our imaginations to create unknown worlds and characters and using the powers those characters possess to save the world.
We need to embrace the silliness of life and learn how to play like a child again. And I realize I’m probably writing something that I’ve written before, but this idea of adults not having fun pops into my head quite regularly. I see how afraid we are (me included) to just have fun, allow our emotions and ideas change at the speed of light, in case someone catches us and disapproves or, worse, is disappointed. That sucks, big time. I feel like if this weren’t the case, we’d have a lot more artists, philosophers, and athletes in our midst. We would allow ourselves to be creative, question, and we’d be a hell of a lot healthier.
So, I guess here is the challenge that has arisen out of my little rant: try not to bash yourself over the head when you do something that makes you feel stupid; if you find yourself obssessing, get creative, get active, do something that helps you work through that moment. Use your inner child!
Joyanne 😀

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