Silly Faces Make Bus Rides Better

Today I made silly faces for a girl that was on the bus. She was sitting a few seats ahead of me and was turned around in her chair so she was facing me. Now, normally I hate making eye contact with people; I just feel super embarrassed if I catch someone’s eye and look away really fast (yes, very high school). But with kids, there are no expectations there, so if you catch a child’s eye, they have no problem looking at you and you at them. And that’s exactly what happened on the bus today. We made eye contact and just looked at each other, kind of sizing each other up. That’s when the game began. She would duck. I would duck. She would tilt her head. I would tilt my head. And then the peek-a-boo game began. She would hide her face and when she’d show it, I would make a funny face. This went on for a couple minutes and I definitely got a smile on her face, as did I.

I’m not 100% sure why I’m writing this down, but I think it was just a really nice moment I had today and I wanted to share it.

Do you have any random moments that stick out for you?


Joyanne 😀


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