Mama Gena, You Were Right!

I’ve got another bus story:

On my way home from work, I sat down in between two young men, with another young man sitting across from the guy on my right. The bus was pretty packed (rush hour), so a few people were left standing. Standing in front of us was a middle-aged lady with a couple of bags. After about a minute, the guy on my left tapped her on the arm and asked, “Would you like to have my seat?” She said, “No, thank you,” and on we went. I remember thinking, “Wow, that was really nice of him.” A few more minutes into our ride, we pulled up at the next stop where a couple more ladies got on the bus. One of the ladies looked pretty tired and this time the guy across the aisle asked, “Would you like to have my seat?” which she graciously accepted; “I get dizzy.” At the next stop the two ladies got off, and the guy who was now standing asked the original lady if she would like his seat; she didn’t. So, he sat down once again, only to get to the next stop where one more lady got on, an older lady with 2-3 grocery bags. The guy who’d just sat down now asked this lady if she’d like his seat, but she wasn’t facing him, so the guy on my right asked the lady if she’d like his seat; she remained standing.

Well, at this point, I couldn’t help but let a tiny giggle escape. Earlier in the day, I had read a post by Mama Gena where she says, “Men live to serve women.”

Mama Gena was right!

Have a great day!


Joyanne 😀


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