Just More “Transit Discourse” (as taken from the voice of a young man sitting behind me)

Phew… opera sure makes me exhausted (and is the reason why I haven’t written anything in the past 10 days!). But anyway… ANOTHER BUS STORY! Seriously, I hear and see the best things on the bus:

Today there was a voice behind me that caught my attention. It was a young man’s voice, and the reason why it was so distinct is because it would not stop talking. I think this man talked to about four different people, just alternating between them all. He also had quite a knack for asking question after question. Now, the reason why I bring up this voice is not because of how many people he spoke with or his tone of voice. When we were getting closer to the bus station, I heard him say to his friend across the aisle (who is looking to make it big in music–hey, they were talking pretty loudly so I couldn’t help but overhear–), “You have something special and it’s worth sharing.”


I have one thing to say to this young man (who’s face I did not even see): Thank you.

Have a blessed day and share your “something special” too!

Joyanne 😀


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