A “Ground-Breaking” Idea? More Like An Old Idea Finally Given Its Just Desserts

“Singing live: there’s an emotional level to this that just cannot be created in the studio.” ~Russell Crowe

Les Misérables is coming out on film in December and I couldn’t be more excited to see it! Since immersing myself in Titanic: The Musical this past March/April, I had been bombarded with musical theatre geeks (a term I use lovingly) who absolutely adore Les Misérables. Truth be told, before I performed in Titanic, I had heard of Les Mis, but I didn’t know the story, and I didn’t really know the music other than ‘that Susan Boyle song,’ “I Dreamed A Dream”.  Since meeting all these Les Mis fans, however, I have since listened to the soundtrack, watched the 1998 film version, and have tried to read Victor Hugo’s original masterpiece (unsuccessfully thus far, but some day I’ll get through). I have fallen in love with the story and the music, so I am now anxiously waiting for Les Mis, the musical, to come out in December.

Because of this new found love, every once in a while I will go on YouTube to watch the trailer. However, today I watched a featurette on live singing, something that director, Tom Hooper, calls “genuinely ground-breaking.” See, instead of recording the singing beforehand and then melding it into the film later on, the actors are singing live during filming. The result is a much more honest representation rather than having to “make all your acting choices three months before you’ve even met the actor you’re working with” (Eddie Redmayne, playing “Marius”).

Hold on… isn’t this what live musicals/theatre in general already do and have been doing the entire time, capturing human experience as it happens? I just can’t believe that directors and producers of movie musicals haven’t thought of this before because it’s always being done in live theatre just by the fact that it’s live and happening right there in front of the audience. In the words of Miss Caroline Bingley in Pride and Prejudice, “I am all astonishment” (Chapter 6).

Just wanted to bring that to light and remark that perhaps this “ground-breaking” idea is merely an old idea finally accepted as fact.

Yay live theatre (though I am looking forward to the movie)!

Have a great day!

Joyanne 😀


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