To Quit Or Not To Quit… Facebook

I’m faced with a big dilemma… should I or should I not quit Facebook?

I must say, the idea is appealing to me, as a way to completely let go of my past in order to truly allow myself to grow and flourish while I’m away in Ireland and the rest of Europe. Granted, the other hand suddenly becomes a face and begins saying that true growth doesn’t come from forgetting your past, but from accepting it and using it to its advantage (smart hand, I know, though I say it myself).

The thing with having my current Facebook while I’m away, however, is the fact that all the stuff that’s going to be happening while I’m away will always be on my feed, which is not very practical since most things that will be happening at home won’t have any relevance to my life while I’m away. But it is nice to see what’s going on back home… but how much better is it to hear specific goings-on from one’s friends and family directly in a letter (highly optimisic, I know) or email? Decisions, decisions!

This post is basically finished, but the real reason I’ve posted this is because I’m asking your opinion, all you in the blogosphere. Is there anyone out there who is/was a Facebook nut and then gave it up one day? What were your experiences? Would you recommend it to me or anyone else?

Please respond. This is actually a big decision (sad, isn’t it when deciding whether or not to get rid of your Facebook is a big decision? #firstworldproblems (and yes, I did just use a hashtag… scary)).

Anxiously awaiting help,

Joyanne :S

P.s. And I will most likely be sharing this post on Facebook… how counterproductive but productive at the same time… oh, the madness of it all!



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3 responses to “To Quit Or Not To Quit… Facebook

  1. I left for a few months, it showed who my true friends were, completely changed how I use facebook.

    If you are asking people if you should leave, you shouldn’t leave. when you know you want to leave nothing will stop you from leaving and it will be a successful departure as it’s something you want to do.

  2. Catherine

    I vote don’t quite. It’s really nice to see updates both for us back home to stay updated on you and for you to stay updated for us. I personally don’t think that having that link to home will make you miss anything while travelling. In the past it has really helped me to avoid feeling homesick, actually. It’s always been having/not having a cell phone that changes the feel of a country for me. Maybe you could try with facebook for a little while and then if it isn’t working out for you then get rid of it?

  3. Thanks, Jessie and Catherine! I’ll definitely keep your comments in mind while I continue thinking on this 😀

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