Learning to Fly Like Geese

Have you ever watched a flock of geese? It was Sunday afternoon. I had gone to church, but after standing there for a while, I just had to get out. I left. I escaped to the great outdoors where I could breathe in the fresh air of God’s creation. I began walking and my feet took me to the great expanse of grass before me. I could feel the dew begin to soak through my impractical flats, but I didn’t care. I just kept walking, kept breathing.

That’s when I saw them.

A large flock of geese was before me, just minding their own business, pecking at the ground, hunting for enough subsistence to hold them through their next flight. I’ve always thought geese to be a sign of spring, and these geese were no exception. I began to inch my way forward, trying my best to be as inevasive as possible.

The geese all at once raised their heads, sensing my presence, and began moving out, all in perfect choreography. I was stunned. I moved closer; they moved further away. The geese began to spread out, as if to make themselves bigger, more intimidating. Eventually the flock broke in two, no doubt to confuse the preditor, me. I stopped and considered my options. I decided to continue following the bigger flock. I was fascinated my the flawless unity of the entire group. Each goose seemed to know their role, whether it was leader, follower, protector. All roles blended seamlessly in a graceful dance, as much about function as poise. Not once did the geese allow me to get close enough to breach their safety completely. I was amazed.

I was just thinking about making a run at the geese to see what would happen when suddenly a flutter in the sky made me look up. More geese, all in perfect V formation. They flew over my head, making me turn around to keep them in my sight. They circled close to where the smaller group of geese had migrated to and in quick succession had picked them up. The flock moved towards the group I had been following and picked them up as well. The sky was alive with this newly doubled flock. They circled over my head once again and proceeded to land several metres away. The back up plan was successful. The geese were safe.

I’m sure I could spend hours philosophizing on this event, but for once I’m not going to. I’m just going to chalk this up as an amazing experience, one I needed in church’s stead.


Joyanne šŸ˜€


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