Grey Skies: The New Blue

I feel sorry for grey clouds. You never hear anyone say, “You know, I really love how gloomy it is today with all those grey clouds outside. They really brighten up my day.” No, we are much more likely to say that about sunny skies or white, fluffy clouds, or even thunder clouds (I know a few people who love a good thunderstorm).  But just run of the mill grey clouds? Not a chance.

But I was looking at the grey clouds that seem to be perpetually positioned outside my window and thought to myself, “Why not?” Don’t grey clouds deserve as much love as blue skies, sunshine, and thunder clouds? I mean, doesn’t the saying go, “Every cloud has a silver lining”? Grey clouds are silver all the time, after all, so maybe they’ve got something to offer other than gloom and doom.

I challenge you to look at the grey clouds in your life and find some beauty in them. You never know; finding the beauty in them just might brighten up your day. And maybe, if those clouds are very lucky, they will get some much-needed loving too.

Have a lovely, grey-skied day!

Joyanne 😀


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