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Balancing Act

One of the little joys I have found in walking around Dublin is unstable sidewalks. Yes, for once I’m not being sarcastic. I love the feeling of a chunk of cement tilting beneath my foot; it’s just fun for some reason. As I was walking home today I began thinking about this odd pleasure of mine and how I could possibly take a life lesson out of something so simple. Well, by George, I think I’ve got it! See, I’m sure most sane people view a broken sidewalk as a health hazard (since you can easily get your foot caught in the crack so it throws you flat on your rear) and something that should be fixed. True, if something is broken, to fix it would probably help matters and make for an easier life.

But what if something can’t be fixed? What if you have to walk on that unstable sidewalk day in and day out? You could try and avoid it. But there can be cracks anywhere. Much better if you learn how to balance yourself as you walk across the unintentional teeter-totter, head held high and confident. Once you’ve learned to overcome that one sidewalk, how much easier to handle the unknown thousands of broken ones potentially ahead of you?

So, today I challenge you to take charge and walk on the crack; feel the sidewalk tilt back and forth as you go on with your day, in charge and ready to face anything. And more than anything else, I highly recommend saying, “Whee!” inside your head when you go over the unstable bit. It really does make it more fun!

Peace and have a lovely day!

Joyanne 😀

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