Choose Love

It’s that time of year again: time for a medical. I know they’re necessary for our well-being, but I’m not a fan of having a medical done. I’m always afraid that something awful is going to show up, that the doctor is suddenly going to say, “I have some bad news…” Worst of all, though, is the fact that every time I go have a medical, it seems my weight has gone up and I find myself thinking, “Shit, is this the time my BMI is going to edge into overweight?”

Well, I had my medical yesterday, and everything is fine, BMI and all (insert sigh of relief). I even get to eat more salt (low blood pressure, in case you were wondering). This experience, however, certainly got me thinking.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had body image issues. Everyone has them, whether you think you’re too fat or too skinny, they’re there, always lurking in the background. So, I was actually pretty surprised when the doctor told me I didn’t have to lose any weight, that my BMI is just fine. I thought to myself, “Hmm, I guess my body is pretty awesome just the way it is.” And then it hit me: I need to choose to love my body.

I once heard that love isn’t a feeling; it is a choice. Even with the people closest to us, we don’t have feelings of love towards them all the time. We can feel angry, frustrated, annoyed, surprised, excited by the people in our lives and those feelings constantly change. What we can do, however, is to decide to love people regardless of what emotion we’re feeling at that moment by doing loving things for them. So, if you need to choose to love others (even when it’s difficult) you need to choose to love your body also, especially when it’s difficult. How can we truly love others if we don’t love ourselves (I also heard this from somewhere, but I can’t remember where… sorry for the shitty citation)?

So, even though I waited until this medical to really start thinking about deciding to love my body, I hope you don’t. In fact, I hope you’re thinking, “Jeeze, Joyanne, of course I love my body already. Where have you been?” Your body is the only one you’ve got, so you might as well love it.


Joyanne 😀


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