Fly, A Musing

How did I let myself get to this place? I was so full of hope and dreams and I let them slip away, too afraid to really give myself the chance to live my dreams and hope for more. But by letting them go I lost myself and I’m back where I started and I might even have to go back even further, back to where I suffocated and almost died. How will I break free from this place of self-loathing and blame, this place of hopelessness and a cursed future? With a song? But the words dry up just as they’re formed in my mouth, a shadow of what once was. The music doesn’t flow, the fingers cramp, the thoughts cease. Empty. Just like my hands. The strings no longer caress my fingers, just sting them with the broken promises of yesterday’s forgotten dreams. A nail breaks, the string along with it, and I cry out, “Dear God, how can I fix this!” 

And that’s when He hands me a string, new, untouched, stronger than the one before. And the sound it makes is more beautiful than anything else I’ve ever heard before. And I think, “Maybe not all is lost after all.” The dream awakens anew like a phoenix after death, alive and ready to fly. So, I lift my voice and let it fly.


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