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Mini Moments Ho!

It’s a brand new segment! Well, it’s not that new, since I’ve been thinking about creating this segment for about a year. The new part is valid, though,  because I’m actually doing it. Near the end of my stay in Dublin, I found myself being caught up in what I have come to call “Mini Moments,” i.e. those moments that you would share on Twitter or Facebook and have a number of people knowing exactly how you felt in that moment. I began writing them down while I was at work (very productive, I know) and now I find I want to share them, plus all the moments that I find myself experiencing every day. I’m hoping this will be an exercise to get me writing again, just a little bit every day (though I actually am writing quite a lot; studying theology does that to a person).

Okay, and it’s also an exercise in procrastination…

*Cracks knuckles* Back to work!

Joyanne 😀


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