One Act A Day: January, 2012

January 31, 2012: Cook something new. It’s creative AND tasty.

January 30, 2012: Wish your awesome baby cousin a very happy 10th birthday!

January 29, 2012: Crack open an old photo album and get ready to feel nostalgic.

January 28, 2012: Go into your closet and play dress-up. Not only is it fun, but maybe you’ll discover some new ways to mix and match the pieces in your wardrobe.

January 27, 2012: DANCE! Whether it’s the polka, jitterbug, electric slide, or the hustle, dance is a great source of fun and exercise.

January 26, 2012: Take up running; you never know when you’re going to need to get somewhere really quickly.

January 25, 2012: DON’T check your Facebook; it’s harder than you think.

January 24, 2012: Drink some tea; ’tis cold season.

January 23, 2012: Bake a cake or cupcakes or a pie or cookies… basically, BAKE! It makes the house smell good and keeps your hands busy (plus, after lifting weights, you deserve a treat!).

January 22, 2012: Lift some weights. Yes… ACTUALLY do it. You’ll feel better afterwards.

January 21, 2012: Go on a scavenger hunt at La Boutique VV (aka Value Village). One never knows what they may find among the rubble.

January 20, 2012: Go out and sing karaoke; it’s a risk, but it can be so worth it!

January 19, 2012: Give thanks for the blessings in your life; many are less fortunate than you are.

January 18, 2012: Smile! It takes less muscles than a frown and it’ll help you feel better if you’re having a bad day.

January 17, 2012: Hug your mom; it’s the way she recharges.

January 16, 2012: Read a book. Seriously… take the time and do it.

January 15, 2012: Knit a scarf (takes a long time, but super easy. This site looks helpful if you don’t know how to knit.)

January 14, 2012: Learn to polka (preferably at a Ukrainian zabava/party).

January 13, 2012: Roll down a hill.

January 12, 2012: Eat some chocolate; hey, all in moderation (plus, sometimes you just need some).

January 11, 2012: Put together the puzzle that was your favourite as a kid.

January 10, 2012: Throw something; it might help you feel better (just make sure it isn’t breakable).

January 9, 2012: Take a short nap; they are energizing.

January 8, 2012: Use the stairs instead of the elevator; free exercise at a time when you were going upstairs anyway.

January 7, 2012: Call your best friend and talk about absolutely nothing.

January 6, 2012: Take a big stretch and relish in the feeling it gives you.

January 5, 2012: Eat a carrot; they help your eyesight.

January 4, 2012: Strike up a conversation with a stranger.

January 3, 2012: Listen to John Cage’s “4’33”. It’s crazy and genius at the same time! (Thanks, Shirley)

January 2, 2012: Put on your favourite song and dance in the silliest way possible. If you can do it with other people that’s even better; silliness is contagious in a large group and everyone feels better about being silly. Embrace the silliness!

January 1, 2012: Tell someone what you really think about them as constructively as possible. The truth is very powerful and has the potential to wreak havoc if not used carefully.



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