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Have you ever lain on your back and stared at the ceiling until everything that was upside-down looked right side up? Windows touch the floor and stucco becomes carpet, ceiling fans intricate tables that you could never eat off of, delicate and beautiful as they are…

Sometimes you need to see something from a different angle before you decide on your relationship with it.

❤ Joyanne


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From Death to Eternal Life

I had this dream while I was napping:

I was at my Baba and Dido’s house in Two Hills. My Baba was sitting in the green armchair Dido always used to sit in, but it was in the bedroom I always sleep in. She was hooked up to a heart monitor. Suddenly, the heart monitor registered she was going into cardiac arrest. I called out to my Mom, who was in the next room. I turned back to my Baba, but it was too late; in the blink of an eye, she was gone. I sobbed. I couldn’t believe she was gone.

I turned to my Dido, who had just appeared. And in that moment, as quickly as she was gone, my Baba was alive again. I went to her and I said, “Baba, you just died,” to which she responded with something like, “Oh, that’s why I feel like something weird happened.” The doctor checked her out (I think the doctor was my Dad) and said she was fine, me adding, “Except for old age,” as my Dido looked on in a concerned manner.

I think it’s interesting I had this dream today, on Easter Sunday. My Baba passed away 4 years ago the week before Easter, my Dido leaving the earth 7 years before. I’m not a dream analyst, but I can tell you what this dream means to me, in the context of this great day: they are alive. My grandparents are alive. I witnessed my Baba die again in my dream, but I also witnessed her wake back up again, just like Peter and the other Apostles witnessed Jesus rise from death. My Dido’s concern is nothing more than making sure my Baba got through the passageway okay, and according to the doctor, she did. Where my “Except for old age” remark fits in, I have no idea. But maybe it has something to do with my lack of enlightenment, my lack of understanding of what had truly taken place before me. I thought Baba was still the same as she was before she died, but in reality she had just become immortal.

Well, there are my two cents this Easter Sunday. I hope you have the chance to celebrate this greatest of feast days with your family and friends, sharing in fabulous food, conversation, and prayer.

God bless, Khrystos Voskres, Christ is Risen, Happy Easter!

Joyanne 😀

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This post is for those who have lost my trust:

It may be a long time before we meet again, but never fear. We will meet again. And when we do, I want you to take a good look at me. You may have trouble recognizing me, not because I have changed my hair, or because I dress differently, but because I am not who you think I am. Indeed, you will not recognize me precisely for the fact that I am no longer trying to be who you want me to be. I will finally be myself. I will walk the way I am meant to walk, I will act the way I am meant to act, I will speak the things I am meant to speak. And you won’t know how to handle that. I’m sorry that you won’t because the real me is amazing and it’s a shame you won’t be able to realize that. And this time, it’s your loss that you won’t, not mine, because I am already doing all I can and that’s enough.

So, when we meet, take that good look. And then keep on walking.


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